Helena Guerrero has been Certified to provide BioMagnetism Therapy by the El Centro de Investigacion de Biomagnetismo Medico, S.C.in Mexico, The University of Chapingo, Mexico and by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran.

She is not a Medical Doctor, she is not making a medical diagnosis or providing medical advice or care.

You should see a Medical Doctor for medical care, and you should view BioMagnetism Therapy care as additional therapy to the medical care provided by a Medical Doctor.
Biomagnetism Therapy is not a substitute for Physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment.

Biomagnetism Therapy consists on applying medium intensity magnets between 1000- 15 000 gauss in specific areas of the body in order to help balance energetically the pH levels, of Alkalinity and Acidity in the body.

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Long distance Biomagnetism treatments

This is a testimonial from a client after her 1st Biomagnetism long distance session
Helena, I am in awe of the session results.  I am experiencing some wonderful effects, quite a few of them. I'm used to "energy" work and used to distance work, but this is quite startling.  Often what is expected isn't necessarily what happens, and I understand the body has its own priorities. 

I'm having positive changes in hearing, vision, my problem knee, and balance/equilibrium.  I had lost most of the hearing in my right ear.  Much of it is restored.  My vision had deteriorated.  It is improved. My knee is improved in range of motion and the inflammation is reduced.  The food reactions are less.  I am hoping these improvements "hold."

I don't know how you perceived the lower back/hips issues.  I have had these problems all my life. I might have congenital issues with the sacroiliac area, or damaged it initially when I was about ten and was thrown from a horse.  I have injured my spine a number of times including another fall several years ago. I slipped on wet, slippery tile, flew a few feet and landed hard on my butt.  I could feel all the vertebrae slam down one by one like an accordian being closed.   

I've had back pain as long as I can remember. It's just part of me. But it has gotten to where I have a hard time rising from sitting or lying down.  I usually can't sit for very long, and I never stand for more than a couple of minutes.  I have to make certain my feet are situated just so to stabilize myself.  Even walking has become difficult. My body feels like a three-legged stool with one broken leg - crumpled.  There's always pain all across the sacroiliac/hip area.  I've had extreme problems with my balance.  I hadn't thought of the hips and sacrum area as being part of that issue.

Anyway, yesterday I woke up delighted with no back pain. Both hips were at the same height. I was stable on my feet. I walked easily and didn't shuffle my feet. For me, that's practically dancing!  The center of gravity has shifted to a different position.  I am sitting squarely on the sits bones (butt), instead of sitting lopsided. I usually sit kinda on one cheek... and shift a lot.  :)   I hope this adjustment holds, but it might require tune-ups.  

You said lots of liver work.   I fear my liver is worse than I knew. I'm hoping that it makes good progress. 

I do want to follow up with another session. Also some family members may also be interested.  They're watching my progress.

Today was a difficult day because it rained for two days and my roof and ceiling leaked, so there's a huge mess to contend with.
Thank you so much!
Judy L.   Nevada

Hi Helena!
I wanted to give you an update on our last session.
Both sessions helped me tremendously with my brain disorder and symptoms from it. 

Your work has helped me and  my cervical dystonia is improving!
This last session brought up an amazing amount of emotion for me leaving me crying non stop for days. As you know this is good as my discharging the energy it can no hold. 
I wanted to let you know this. And at some point we can see if we can do another session after things settle a bit. I am still so emotionally raw. 
Also I wanted to ask if you are open to referrals for new clients. For example I would love my husband to work with you. I know you have a waiting list, but I don’t know if you still want to hear from more people seeking your help. 
Blessings! S. Arizona

Hi Helena,
I have been very good since my  appointment. Acne has cleared up quite well, still a few spots, but I am happy with it. My tendinitis is gone. My hormones seem more balanced. Energy is up.

I hope this info helps.
Thanks so much 

D.C, Canada

I just wanted to let you know my body overall feels better and healthier since this last treatment.
My face has cleared up quite a bit! I’m about to start my period so I’m getting some hormonal breakouts, but i feel the treatment did help calm my face down  as well as the bloating. I don’t urinate as frequently either.
Thank you!
Kristina K. Ohio

I feel good. I have tried eating gluten and I did not get the swollen hands and feet I usually get   so happy. My daughter after her long distance treatment has been eating dairy and gluten and her stomach does not hurt!!!

Veronique Crouzoulon, AZ