Helena Guerrero has been Certified to provide BioMagnetism Therapy by the El Centro de Investigacion de Biomagnetismo Medico, S.C.in Mexico, The University of Chapingo, Mexico and by Dr. Isaac Goiz Duran MD.
She is considered by her peers to be the most experienced Biomagnetism and MicrobioEnergetics Therapist in the USA and a leader in this modality, having introduced this revolutionary healing discovery in the US by offering the only Certified Biomagnetism Trainings in the USA since 2010 till today.
She has also been a Biomagnetism practitioner since 2009.

She is not a Medical Doctor, she is not making a medical diagnosis or providing medical advice or care.

You should see a Medical Doctor for medical care, and you should view BioMagnetism Therapy care as additional therapy to the medical care provided by a Medical Doctor.
Biomagnetism Therapy is not a substitute for Physician consultation, evaluation, or treatment.

Biomagnetism Therapy consists on applying medium intensity magnets between 1000- 15 000 gauss in specific areas of the body in order to help balance energetically the pH levels, of Alkalinity and Acidity in the body.

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Hi Helena:
Thanks again for giving Billy a treatment. Its kinda difficult to tell how much it improved his autism because he's such a quite kid. But he hasn't had any temper tantrums since the treatment. He use to get upset when he was tired and misinterpret what was said to him. Like I said he could go outside if he got on his shoes. If I didnt say just "Yes", he'd misinterpret what I would say, and think I was saying no. He hasnt misinterpreted anything I said since the treatment.
Then he use to get upset with his brother when he was tired and cry and went to his room and shut the door. He hasn't done that either. These kinds of things use to happen every other day. Now they stopped.

I am very impressed with how well the magnet treament has helped Billy. Thankyou so much for everything :)
Stacey Braden. Denver,Colorado

Biomagnetism has helped me heal a number of things that decades of medical attention and many different alternative healing methods couldn't completely heal. I experienced chronic issues since childhood including severe seasonal allergies, upper respiratory/pulmonary infections, seasonal depression, sugar addiction, blood sugar imbalance/Hypoglycemia, Candida infections, 'brain fuzziness', low energy, moodiness, anxiety, PMS and very difficult menstruation. After just 1 session of Biomagnetism with Helena Guerrero my sinuses and lung congestion cleared up, cough disappeared, throat was no longer sore, the slight depression and anxiety I was experiencing lifted as did the haziness and difficulty focusing. I no longer crave sugar like I used to and if I do have some I don't have the Hypoglycemic symptoms I used to. After the next 2 sessions Candida infections never came back, PMS and menstrual cramping lightened greatly so I no longer needed to take pain medication. Seasonal Allergies have hardly been an issue and my energy levels increased and immune system became stronger. I haven't had a cold or flu nor upper respiratory infection in the last 11 months since I had my first session with Helena! Now I go see Helena for a session once every 6 months for prevention. If ever I am not feeling well I go see her sooner. I am so thankful to Helena and will be referring more people to her. -Katherine. San Francisco CA


Hello Helena,
Our son was diagnosed "severe speech delay" at age 3. He also had attention and digestive problems. We worked with different doctors for over five years and he made good progress, but some of his speech and attention problems never cleared up completely. After the first session with you, he came out of your place looking much more relaxed and talking non stop all the way back home! His words are flowing normally. He seems eager to communicate and started engaging in long conversations. Before, he would get overwhelmed if I tried to engage with him for more than three minutes. Even his teacher commented how well our son was socializing! My younger son used to complained that his older brother never plays with him now he's happy as he plays with him ferequently! Thank you Helena, with your therapy we have seen amazing improvements in just one hour! We plan to continue visiting you and look forward to soon see our son free of symptoms!
Sincerely Claudia Sames, Marin,California.

Hello Helena!
You were right, that it would take me awhile to feel better and you recommended not being in touch until mid-December, after my 5 Biomagnetism treatments I got prior to Thanksgiving.
To jog your memory, my biggest issues where Gall Bladder relief, I had less than 1% functionality of my gallbladder, my lymphatic system was also very very sluggish, my digestive system was a mess and many of my issues seemed to stem from falling off a horse too many times and landing on my S.I. joint as a child and young teen. After 6 years of extreme physical therapy, massage theraphy, chiropractic, thermography, Bio Meridian tests and acuscope/myopulse electrical stimulation therapies, I felt better, but had been stuck in an extreme right, forward bent over position with no curvature in my spine. tand I still had extensive tightness in my hips, hip flexors, pelvic region, adductors, and soas areas.

December was very busy for me, and somehow I didn't pay attention to the fact that I was no longer feeling sick! When it finally dawned on me that I had NO PAIN, was sleeping through the night, not getting sick from eating - I was exuberant!! After Christmas I spent 4 weeks in Utah skiing, and it was amazing! No pain! I truly do not know how I skied the past few years or what muscles I had been using, as they certainly weren't the required ones! My massage therapist was in awe at how much my body changed, and like everyone else, wanted your contact information! I have been a walking billboard for you and biomagnetism! To have my body back and no pain is truly amazing! Of course, it's not an overnight process and I am thrilled at the bit more and bit more I am able to do each passing day!

Perhaps it was a sense of cockiness mixed with confidence that I felt so good....I felt I had my body and my life back from too long of a period of pain and sickness!!! You are a genious! Everyone has commented on how good I look health-wise and how much energy I have (even if I haven't told them why)...
Oh, and a coincidental story, one of my students who I haven't seen in about two years showed up in class last week. He commented on how good I look health-wise, and asked if I'd gotten to the bottom of my health issues. I told him, thanks to a Therapy discovered by a Doctor from his Mexican culture, YES!! Ironically when I told him more, he told me his mother had had cancer, and did Biomagnetism (somewhere in southern Mexico) and is, of course now, cancer free! Ironic how that connection happened...
Kind regards,
A true believer in Biomagnetism,
Andrea Luoma

Helena, I have to say that I am truly amazed at the results from your treatment. I was sceptical since I have seen so many healers and doctors. All of the chronic fatigue, muscle pain, migrains, breathing difficulty, as well as the other random infections I used to suffer from chronically have dissapeared. My menstual cycle has gone back to its normal cycle and I can even eat things that used to cause me headaches and indigestion. The energy I feel is so incredible! I feel like what any healthy person my age must feel like. It has been 8 years however that I have been living the lifestyle of an old woman in order to deal with the chronic fatigue/fibromialgia. I feel so free now! The energy just continues too, it does not drop off at the slightest change in my life which is what has happened to me w other therapies. Thank you so much. I will continue to send clients your way.
Iris Campion 27 years,Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Certified Yoga Teacher, Oakland.

Helena: In just one treatment my ulcer is completely healed. I don't take any of the medication I use to before. I can eat everything now without pain or disconfort, foods I could not eat before. I can drink coffe, wine and eat onions and other strong foods without a problem. Thank you.
Julieta Soto.
Hope this finds you well.
The Biomagnetism treatments knocked out my prostate cancer (which I was diagnosed with 11 years ago) completely and that has been confirmed by three of my regular MD’s (Urologist, Oncologist & General Practitioner) with blood tests. The sensitive indicator is in normal range, there is no metastasis in my body now. The PSA went down inmediately and drastically from 13.7 to 2.4,
I had some blood test done between end February and March 2010( just after the first 2 treatments) the alkaline phosphates went from 248 to 105. Albumen from 4,2 to 4,8 indicating there is no metastasis,cancerc cells can not exist in that enviroment, over 4,5.

The type II Diabetes that I had for 10 years is in normal range now too and my gout seems fine.
My GP, Dr. Ted Edwards wants to meet with you today to see how more of that kind of treatment can be made available here in Austin. He is a strong believer in integrated medicine to cure, not just treat patients.
My chiropractor, Dr Gary Seghi and my MD doctor who practices holistic integrated medicine Dr Ted Edwards are very interested in what I am doing. I would not have mentioned what I am doing if I thought they were not fully in tune with alternative healing. They would love to chat with you while you are here if you are willing. They both strongly believe in energy healing. Both are very glad Shirley and I am doing your treatments.
Look forward to seeing you.
Best regards, Dick and Shirley Deininger, Austin, TX

Update September 2010:
For your information my last blood tests showed a PSA of 0.3 and my Alkaline Phophatase at 59. These are great numbers and says that the cancer is definitely still under control
Best regards Richard Deininger

Dearest Helena: Please, forgive me for taking so long to send you this note, but now I'm writting it with my deepest gratitude from the bottom of my heart. After seeing you in California, once back home I went to my regular check up for the illness I've been suffering for the last 6 years, Multiple Sclerosis. This disease is incurable, progresive and agresive, science has no explanation about what causes it. After trying several alternative treatments with no success and just giving up any hope, I saw on TV some information about this therapy with magnets, the Biomagnetic Pair Therapy or Biomagnetism. This filled my heart with hope again and after contacting you I went to visit you for 3 Biomagnetism treatments. When I came back home to see my Doctor, who is the Director of the Neurological Department of the George Washington Hospital, he was totally amazed and surprised and happy for me to find some amazing and unexpected results. After all the regular tests, including the MRI , my brain no longer had any traces of Multiple Sclerosis, the 15 spots that p reviously showed up, have totally dissapeared, they are no longer on my brain. All the tests that the Neurosurgeon did like foot reflexes, arms and legs strengh, concentration, vision, headaches which would stay with me all day, my hearing, stability and balance walking on the tip of my toes were perfect, 100% acceptable. The pain and numbness in my arms are gone, mi incontinence has greatly improved up to 80%, also my libido is back to normal, thank God!, because that was causing problems in my relationship. The Doctor told me that this check has surpassed all the tests from last year, all tests came out clear, clean, I don't have anything that I had before. I was so happy to see these results as well as my family is too. The neurosurgeon told me that of the 2000 patients he has, I am the only one who has had Biomagnetism treatments and the only one whose tests have come clean with such improvements on my health. He said I could now wait a year to come back for a check up, instead of the usual every 6 months. I'm planning on visiting you next year for a follow up treatment, the Neurosurgeon greatly advice me to keep on with the Biomagnetism treatments.
May God bless you and may He bless Dr. Goiz Duran for discovering the Biomagnetic Pair Therapy.
Much love Sylvia McMillan - Virginia - USA

Dear Helena:
I'm very happy to tell you about these great news. After being treated by you with Biomagnetism and been diagnosed with Non- small Cell Angio-Carcinoma Stage 3 A Lung Cancer I went back to my Doctor and the PT Scan and other test shows that there is no more cancer. The 3 nodules I had in my right lung are not there anymore and some nodules in my left adrenals and lymph nodes and the metastasis have also cleared.
Thank you so much. I send you a big hug...Love
Marta Amado, Miami.

My daughter who is 17 years old was diagnosed a few months ago with Mononucleosis,an enlarged Liver, Hepatitis, Jaundice and her Gall Bladder was ceasing to function. The Doctor wanted to remove her Gall Bladder. She got a few Biomagnetism sessions with Helena Guerrero. After just the first session, her Jaundice went away and her skin tone became normal. After a few treatments all her symptoms dissapeared and she did not have the Gall Bladder operation and her Liver and Gall Baldder are fine now. The Mononucleosis is gone too.
Lisa I. Vallejo CA

Hi Helena: My name is Dr.Matthew Buckley, I'm here in Austin, TX. You just treated one of my patients and I was very impressed with the things I've seen with her transformation regarding Parasites, so I will like to talk to you a little bit about this work if you don't mind and possible schedule an appointment for myself.
Thanks, Matthew Buckley, DC

Helena: I want to let you know that 12 months ago when my son Diego, 4 years old, had some evaluations and studies done on him, he was diagnosed in the first one with 4 Autism symptoms and a little slow learning problems, on the second one: 7 Autism symptoms and slow learning disorder. On both evaluations he had language problems and also the muscular strengh in his right feet and right hand is very weak. I was actually researching all the information available that will help my son's health.
Last September 26, 2009 after you applied the magnets on him with Biomagnetism I saw inmediate results. My son left the session very relaxed, now he has a very friendly character, he is trying to repeat many different words, he's trying to start conversations with family members, he understands and obeys when I tell him something; when I ask him a question now, he listens, thinks and answers adequately. When he runs now he can put his whole right foot on the floor and he is integrating himself in the family children group... Now he's even trying to brush his teeth by himself and believe me, brushing his teeth used to be a big problem.
So thank you so much for your help and I will keep on taking him there for his Biomagnetism treatments because it's really working.
Thank you so much and I'll see you soon. Martha Gutierrez

Update 12/26/09: the therapists who come home to give special classes to my son have told me that he no longer needs them. They recomended that he starts going to regular school now. They are really amazed about his improvement.

Hello Helena: I want to thank you for treating Jane last Monday. We feel very fortune to have a friend with such healing potentials. The cronic pain from her back and shoulder is gone. The pain in her heel is also gone and the swelling is gone down a lot, she can now wear regular shoes again plus she can stand for a long time which she could not before without being in pain.
Her hot flashes and Menopausal symptons are gone.
She feels more balanced and focus. Her insomnia is getting better.
I had very good feeling in your house, during her treatment and thereafter the next day I felt this comfortable assuring peace, knowing her healing is happening. We would like to schedule an appointment for both of us. Eventually we would like to get our sons to see you for a treatment, we will talk about that.
Thank you. Josef and Jane Dockal

Hi Helena: I must tell you that I left your sessions today feeling really uplifted - lighter, happier, more positive. I have to believe that it was the treatments and zapping those buggers out of my system! This is saying a lot - because I rarely have had this reaction after treatment of any kind: Western Medical, Alternative, Eastern...So, many thanks!
I just wanted to share this with you... Diana Kadah Tanaka.

Hello: I feel really good today after my treatment with the magnets, the pain in my joints and in my bones in the arms and feet are gone. When I wake up in the morning I feel rested and like a new person. The pain in my breasts is gone, I don't have any pain in my shoulders anymore and my libido is back ! great!!! I don't feel stressed out anymore and I'm more patient with my family and the most important thing is that I don't need to take my medication . The sessions with the magnets are now a part of my life; this type of Alternative Medicine it's great. Thanks Helena! Att: Martha Gutierrez.
I worked in construction at the age of 16. By the time I was 18 I started to develop lower back problems due to heavy lifting. I would wake up to a stiff back and even after stretching it would hurt for most of the day. My parents introduced me to Helena Guerrero, a Biomagnetic Therapist. I did a session with her. It took about an hour and a half. The next day my back felt like I was 16 years old again.
Thanks again Helena!!
Sincerely, Paul Dockal

I've been suffering from Psoriasis for over 40 years. I have the agressive kind which manifests mostly on knees and elbows but it's all over my body at times. It's gotten really bad since the end of the summer. I have tried many remedies throu out the years prescribed by my Doctor, including cortisone creams but nothing has worked. After only 3 Biomagnetism sessions the Psoriasis has dissapeared, it's gone, I just can't believe it. My body, my skin it's totally cleared up. It's amazing. What a blessing this treatment has been for me...
Thanks. Elizabeth DL

My back pain that I had for years went away right after the session. Amazing! Thanks Helena.
Carmen Munoz

Hi Helena: I felt the treatment was relaxing, and felt that there was more circulation in my body.
My husband had mentioned to me that he noticed that my tremors or shakey head isn't as bad lately, in thinking back it was due to the magnetic therapy. I've inherited essential tremors from my mother's side of the family, and in the past years have noticed that when I'm stressed my head shakes, I do not feel it as much now. I'd like to setup another appointment for a recheck if possible.
It did also inspire me to focus more on my health and then I did the Forever Living Cleanse. I've lost about 7 lbs, and managing to avoid sugar and junk food. The Biomagnetism treatment put me in the right path towards wanting to eat better and stay healtier.
I do feel better with less weight. It's hard to pinpoint exactly, the Biomagnet treatment made me feel better, and the combined and I owe it to you to set me in motion.
Best Regards, Carol Carlson

Hi Helena: My vertigo that I had for 3 months is gone after the Biomagnetism treatment. Heather

Hi Helena, I feel much stronger and more solid in general.I have mentioned your Biomagnetism work to several people but they respond sceptically and don't seem interested in pursuing it. It's strange that so many people put their faith in Western Medicine when it's so ineffective. I guess my own health crisis caused me to explore alternative options because Western Medicine was not helpful.
I hope you are well, Beth Hawley

Hello Helena: I just want to say hi! and thank you, I've improved a A LOT overall considering all the ailments I had. I'll see you soon. My husband is also feeling much better and the fungus in his feet is gone too. Angelica Amaral

Hello Helena:
I feel Good! Thanks for the treatment today. Your treatment helped me a lot! I'm really feeling much better. I'm looking forward to Tuesday's treatment too.
See you tuesday!
Love,Elizabeth Kuizenga.

Hello Helena: I have to share with you that for myself I can say that the early morning coughs, congestion in my upper respiratory organs, phlems and disconfort I've been suffering from for over 20 years every morning when I wake up are gone after the treatment.
My son's cronic back pain that he had for almost 15 years has completeley dissapeared right after the treatment.
Thanks! Josef Dockal

I had diarrea for 7 days and anything I ate made me sick. I've been consistently ill with stomach and intestinal problems for the past 2 months, and on and off more so for the last 8 years.
It all dissapeared right after the treatment.
I've been many times to the doctor, taking different kind of antibiotics each one stronger than the last one and it did not help the problem, it would come back after I stopped taking the medication. I just couldn't go like that anymore. My friend told me about the improvement of her mom with Biomagnetism and I decided to give it a try. I'm glad I did. Thanks! Antigone Ramirez

Hi Helena, just wanted to let you know that I have had tremendous results with my daughter Mariah. She actually had to have her custom motorized chair re-molded because her scoliosis is improving. She asks me for the treatment because she said she notices a difference. Her therapist also asked what she was doing different becasue of how well she is doing. It is awesome. Let everyone know. Hope all is going well with you. Talk soon. Happy 4th. Denise Bruno